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Discover the person behind the profile

Collect information about your best fans' demographics, contact preferences, interests, purchase history and friends.

Learn more about your fans with every interaction

Add to your Fan CRM profiles each time a fan registers in a contest, comments, clicks on an ad, votes, purchases or visits a web page.

Use this fan data to automatically target emails and social advertising to your most interested, influential and purchase-ready connections.

Supported Connection Networks:

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Partner Integrations

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Track who visits your website with marketing pixels

No more anonymous web traffic data - discover exactly who visits your website, e-commerce site and partner pages through Tradable Bits marketing pixels.

Tradable Bits helps us build our Whitecaps fan community - but most importantly, they bring new fans to our game.
- Adam Rootman, Vancouver Whitecaps FC (MLS)

Customize audience segments

Manually or automatically tag your fan profiles based on behaviour, activities or demographics.

  • Segment audiences based on behaviour & demographics
  • Discover top engaged and influential fans in your network
  • Track return rate over time and see your network grow

Increase conversions with personalized communication

Trigger email or ad targeting when a fan registers in a campaign, visits your website or abandons a purchase.

  • Automatically follow up with new social connections
  • Upsell existing customers through peer influence ads
  • Cater ad and email creative to interests data from fans

Automatically update contacts

Keep your profiles fresh with continually synced information from your CRM, social login, e-commerce site, social followings and mailing lists.

Tradable Bits' incredibly efficient and easy-to-use platform has taken so much work off of my plate.
- Bryan Van Balen, Washington Redskins

Customize Fan CRM for Your Community

Automatic Audience Sync

Keep your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram ad audiences fresh by automatically syncing fans to your ads manager as fans connect and participate.

Social Login on All Devices

Our user-friendly social login plugin works on Android, iOS, mobile, desktop, e-commerce, blogs and any of our engagement campaigns.

Custom Developer Tools

Fully customize your social login with our fully documented API and SDK. Control the look of your password reset, login screen and more.

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