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Activate Fan Affinity

Collect, understand and analyze your fans' affinity to artists, brands and athletes. Personalize your content and discover new audiences ready to love your brand.

Personalize with Fan Interest Data

Fans expect a personal relationship with your brand. They really get to know the artists they love - and want their idols to really understand them too. Providing personalized experiences not only improves your fan experience, it earns more sales and authority for your brand.

Customize your website, app and communications automatically to give fans the most relevant brand experience. Earn better ROI for your digital ads by catering your ad creative to fan interests.

Booking a band in a genre we'd never had before, it was more important than ever to personalize our marketing to specific audiences. The granular artist affinity targeting really contributed to our success, helping us cater our ads to fan interests.
- Tom Russell, Founders Entertainment (Governors Ball + more)

Integrate with Spotify

Understand your fans' listening behaviour on the world's leading streaming platform. Identify new artists that your existing fans also love to discover new audiences.

Activate fan affinity to create better ads and online experiences that fans are sure to click, share and buy.

Analyze Fan Interests

Using fan data from social login, our Idols software matches your brand, sponsors, artists and athletes with fans that love them.

Combining Spotify listening data and Facebook engagement data, you gain a perfect understanding of fan affinity to your properties.

Segment by Idol

Categorize your fans by affinity towards a particular brand or artist. Personalize your web, app and social offerings to suit their needs.

Improve engagement and ROI when you only serve relevant content to the right audience at the right time.

Discover Related Artists

Using our Artist Affinity Algorithm, you can reveal new artists that your current fans also love.

This not only informs your lineup and collaboration choices, it helps you tap into new and surprising fan bases you may not have otherwise suspected.

Key Features

Spotify Integration

Using Spotify social login, you can tap into the world's leading music streaming platform and discover your fans' affinity to artists and comedians.

Artist Affinity Algorithm

Quantify your fans' interests in a given artist by cross referencing their posts on social, listening patterns on Spotify and behaviour on Facebook.

Related Artist Matching

Go beyond genre and find artists that share similar fan bases. Identify new potential fans for an upcoming artist based on your best sellers' data.

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